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Android---Windows下Eclipse 实现JNI C++/C断点调试

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导读: 本文对Windows下Eclipse 实现JNI C++/C断点调试方法做了总结,跟大家分享一下,希望大家喜欢!

Using the NDK plugin

ADT 20 includes an NDK plugin that provides support for building and debugging NDK projects in Eclipse. This document describes how to install and use the NDK plugin.


The NDK plugin currently works with CDT 7.0.2 or CDT 8.0.2.
  1. Download Eclipse for Java.
  2. Install CDT from Eclipse update site http://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/indigo.
  3. Install Android SDK + NDK Plugins from Eclipse update site https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/
Using the NDK Plugin

1. First set the path to SDK and NDK:

Eclipse -> Window -> Preferences -> Android -> set path to SDK

Eclipse -> Window -> Preferences -> Android -> NDK -> set path to the NDK

2. Right click on an Android project and select Android Tools -> Add native support.
Note that you will not be able to add native support if the project already has C/C++ nature.

At this point, you will be able to build your applications using Project -> Build All.

Debugging native applications

1. Update your build config to include “NDK_DEBUG = 1”.

Right click project -> properties -> C/C++ Build:

2. Set a breakpoint in your C code.
3. Right click on your project, select Debug As -> Android Native Application

Note: There is a delay of a few seconds between when the activity is launched and when native debugging starts. If your code is already executed by that point, then you won’t see the breakpoint being hit. So either put a breakpoint in code that is called repetitively, or make sure that you call JNI code after you see that ndk-gdb has connected.

Known Issues

1. Eclipse does not automatically find the include paths to all the NDK headers on Windows. This issue will be fixed in the next update (20.0.1) when it is released.
2. Eclipse does not automatically find the include paths with CDT 8.1.0 (Juno). This issue is tracked in Bug 33788.





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